The Branch Management Site gives Branch Partners the ability to create and maintain user information for several of EMSI’s websites. Among these are agent / agency user accounts for Exams4Web and examiner user accounts for the site. Below is a brief explanation for the different sections.

"AccuQuote" Branch Orientation
This section allows you to view the "AccuQuote" Branch Orientation video.
In order to access the video, you will need to have a media player installed on your computer and have the sound turned on. If you are not able to access the video or do not have any software already installed, click here to download the Windows Media Player. If you need any additional help, please contact IT Support Desk at

Branch Examiner Maintenance
This section allows you to give your examiners access to the Examiner Web Access site. This site allows examiners to view account specification documents, case listings, case details and update statuses.

Clicking the Manage Examiner button displays a list of Examiners previously created. By clicking on the Examiner’s name, you can see the list of open cases for each of the examiners.

A case will only show up on the examiner’s list if you have assigned the case to the examiner in Exam4Windows and sent a status file back to the National Service Center. There will be a time delay while the file is processed. Assigning the case to an examiner in Exam4Windows does not automatically place a status on the ticket. You will need to manually enter a status code 125 APPT: CHANGE/ASSIGN EXAMINER or 940 XFER: ASSIGNED TO REMOTE EXAMINER ON. If you enter a schedule date and time to the ticket, you do not need to enter one of these statuses.
Add Examiner
To add an examiner to the system, click the Add Examiner button. After entering all required information, click the Add Examiner button to save. Make sure you use the same Examiner ID that is in Exam4Windows. These two numbers is how the system matches up cases for the website.

Once the examiner has been created, an e-mail will be sent to them with their user name, password and user manual.

When entering an examiner, the Status field controls whether or not the examiner can log into the system. Only Active examiners can log in. If you want to take away an examiner’s access to the ExaminerWebAccess site, then change their Status to Inactive.

Not all examiners will be able to update statuses via the website. In order for an examiner to be able to do this, you must give them permission. By choosing Yes under the Update Status Option, you are giving your permission for an examiner to update statuses on tickets. Examiners who do not have sufficient rights to do this, can still view their case list, case detail and search for specs on the web.
Modify Selected Examiner
Click on the circle next to the examiner you want to update, and then click on the Modify Selected Examiner button. This screen allows you to change any of the Examiner’s information.

If you no longer want an examiner to have access to the website, choose Inactive under Status.
Delete Selected Examiner
Click on the circle next to the examiner you want to delete, and then click on the Delete Selected Examiner button. You can only delete Examiners who have never had a case assigned to them. Once an examiner has had one or more cases assigned to them, you must make them inactive instead of deleting them.

Encryption Manager
This section allows you to download and install EMSI's encryption software

Due to the increasing number of stolen pc’s and EBT laptops in the field, it has become critical that every system containing sensitive information must be encrypted in order to ensure the security of our clients’ data.  EMSI will be providing encryption software called Encrypt My Information.  This software is used to encrypt and protect local folders.  In cases, where the system is lost, stolen or destroyed, the data on the hard drive is protected from unauthorized user access.
Under Encryption Manager, click on the Download Encryption button. Once you have filled in your information, you will be given the link for the download. An email will be sent to you containing the instructions for the download and the license key.
Already Encrypted?
(please note: If your EBT laptop has already been encrypted using the PGP Encryption software it won’t be necessary for you to download Encrypt My Information)

Branch Rapid Improvement Plan
This section allows you to view the Branch Rapid Improvement Plan Training Manual

What is BRIP? The Branch Rapid Improvement Program (BRIP) is an initiative that helps EMSI meet our strategic goals and support our key performance indicators (KPIs). Poor branch performance in specific categories has been determined to create the greatest negative impact to our customers and to overall performance. With this in mind, BRIP is designed to help EMSI track positive and negative trends by location and focus on those offices that are struggling in specific crucial areas. BRIP will help to measure branch performance in key service areas and track ongoing performance in each office. Then, accordingly, we will design site-specific action plans to address identified problems.
Under Branch Rapid Improvement Plan, click on the View BRIP Training Manual which will open a new browser and show the latest version of the training manual.

DSR Report
The DSR allows a branch view and print all of the cases that have not been statused within the last 72 hours. Remember there may be a time delay between when you status a ticket and when that status is viewable in the Oracle database. In order for the status to be entered into Oracle, your office must connect to the National Service Center. Once the status file has been transferred, an import program will import the files. The import program only runs at certain times. Your file may have to wait for the next upload time to begin.

If you would like to print the DSR for further research, click on the Printer Friendly button. This will change the layout of the report slightly so it will print better for you.

You can sort the DSR by each column. Simply click on the column heading to sort by that column. You can control how many days a status has not been statused before it appears on the DSR. Pick the number of days with no status and the report will update with the new information.